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Are you a multi-tasker?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Ok, is it just me or do some of you feel like you are juggling 100 things at once? I don't know why I feel likeI have to tackle so much at one time? My menopausal brain cannot handle it anymore!! I feel like I am going crazy! Why do I put so much pressure on myself? Why does everything have to get done at once and NOW!!!

I feel like I am running in circles... I used to be able to multi-task like a badass boss⭐️, but going through this change in my life is changing my brain... and it is taking some getting used to!! And to be honest, do I really want to mutli-task 10 things at once.... come one, who can deal with that... no wonder we are all struggling to get just one thing done.... we are trying to do too much!!

I am trying to focus on reminding myself that I need to S-L-O-W the fuck down and do one☝️thing at a time... things will get done and my sanity will be saved! I don't need to run like a chicken with my head cut off around in circles doing it! Why do I need to race all the time? How many of you can relate? Whether you have a menopausal brain or not, I'm sure you can... new mom, kids in school, partner working, you working, parents, pets, life goals, health, fitness and let's not forget self care.... we have lots to do. ALL. THE. TIME. That is not going to change, so we need to change something.... but what?

So one thing that has really helped me is to write down everything that I feel I need to do. I make a list (I love my lists) and the I prioritize what is the most important thing to me or that has to be done. I then set a timer and focus - HARD - on that one task until the timer goes off. It really keeps my mind on task and allows me to refocus when that thought comes into my head, you know the one, "oh crap I better go to get that done or I just need to take 5 minutes to do this". I know that until the timer goes off I am focusing on THE ONE THING that is the top priority, I will have time to do the other things, but not now... when the timer goes off I will. It has helped so much you guys!!! I also have been slipping in a little self care between those things that "have to get done". So taking care of me in between all those MUST DO'S.

So for instance, if I have to get my website edited and that is top priority, then second on my list is laundry - I start my website editing and usually allow myself one hour to focus on that. The timer goes off and then I have been taking my dog for a walk - thats my self care - with no phone, just me and my dog for some mindful walking. I come back and attend to my next task, I then set the timer for 20 minutes, (thats about all I can handle of laundry) and do it until the timer goes off!!

What a difference this has made in my life and my sanity and guess what, I am getting things done, finished. I am doing one thing 100% and not 10 things at 10% - soak that one in for a minute.

This method can also be used for computer work. Have you ever been working on an email and your social media notification comes up or a calendar notification ? This is not productive, its interruptive. Turn off your notifications when you are working on something, set your timer and get to work without any notification interruptions!

Promise me you will try this if you are a multi-tasker (or think you are). Let me know how it goes!!


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