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What do you say to yourself?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Seriously thought, what do you say to yourself? Is it good? Bad? Because we are our thoughts!! I was thinking the other day, why is it ok to speak to ourselves in such a bad way, for example, I can't do it, I will never be able to do that, I will never be thin, I'm not good at anything. Why is it ok to speak to ourselves that way? Would you speak to your daughter, mother or friend that way? Would you ever say to your daughter, "you will never be able to do that", or "I don't believe in you". NO. FUCKEN. WAY.

Then why is it ok to speak to ourselves this way? I constantly hear this voice in my head and I have to SHUT HER DOWN!!! Tell her to BACK OFF!! I feel we could be way nicer to ourselves... way nicer! Say things to ourselves, out loud and in our minds, that serve us, that lift us up, that inspire us, that treat ourselves with compassion and grace! Ladies, we have to treat ourselves better, every single day. We have treat ourselves like the QUEENS we are!!! What would happen if you started to talk to yourself this way? How would it make you feel... I know how... DAMN GOOD!!! When we start to say good things to and about ourselves we begin to live this life. We are our thought, good or bad, and the more we say them the more we believe it. So say things that make you feel good, build you up and make you smile not cry!

Furthermore, positive self-talk and a more optimistic outlook can have other health benefits, including:

  • increased vitality

  • greater life satisfaction

  • improved immune function

  • reduced pain

  • better cardiovascular health

  • better physical well-being

  • reduced risk for death

  • less stress and distress

Girlfriend, I am telling you this cause I love you! I want the best for you, I want you to thrive in your life and it starts with YOU!! So do yourself a favor and love yourself enough to be kind to the most important person in your life....YOU!!!!

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