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I can't wait to meet you and 

work together to achieve 

your goals!



My name is Amy Renning and I am so exited to help you live your best life!  As a Women’s Empowerment and Mindset Life Coach, we will be working very closely to create your ideal life!  You will become UNSTOPPABLE!


Working with me will inspire and empower you to embrace your self-worth, self-confidence and personal strengths so you can flourish!


Together, we will analyze and understand your fears, limiting beliefs and behaviours. We will work on changing your mindset and habits. Learning, understanding and challenging these obstacles will allow for deeper and lasting behaviour change.

First, I help you to identify what it is you want in your life? What goals do you want to accomplish?  How do you want your life to look in a year from now?  What do you want more of and less of?  In order to attract something new into your life or accomplish the goals you set out for yourself, you must, first, be clear about what it is that you want.  I will help you gain clarity and create a vision of your ideal life!

Next, we will identify ways that you can accomplish these goals and start living the life you desire RIGHT NOW. This is often more simple than you might think.  We get more of what we focus on, so we will ensure you are focusing on the right things, thus attracting everything you want into your life.


Building on that forward momentum, I will support you in creating your ideal life plan. Goal by goal we will work together and create action steps to move you in the direction of your vision. 

As you know, change isn’t always easy. Setbacks can occur. Limiting beliefs may surface but through our work together, I will help you overcome any challenges that may arise,  We all have a light within us and I am going to help you SHINE!

Finally,  as your coach,  I will keep you focused, motivated and accountable as you implement your life plan.  I am excited to help you move forward as you create and live a more fulfilling life that is ideal for you!

I am a Certified Life Coach based in Kelowna, BC Canada. I am a single mom of two amazing adult kids that I adore, and my mini Labradoodle, Oliver!


I absolutely love personal development and you can always find me devouring a personal growth book with a coffee!  I am an entrepreneur at heart and I am so grateful to be my own boss!  It gives me the freedom to design my life, my way.  

There is a saying; the things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.  That, to me, is Life Coaching and Human Design and helping others is what I am meant to do, it is who I am to the core!!  


Becoming certified as a Life Coach has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  It is my passion and I now hold the space for my clients in a structured and proven way that ensures I provide them with the best tools and space to tap into themselves and achieve their goals.  Helping others succeed in every area of their life is my greatest joy! The best feeling for me is seeing YOU SHINE!

I have overcome many life setbacks and struggles, believe me, but I now know that those hardships were happening FOR me and not TO me. Everything I have gone through has allowed me to learn great lessons that have helped me grow and become the resilient and passionate woman I am today.


I can help you with:

  • Human Design Reading and Strategy Sessions

  • Time Management

  • Self Empowerment/Self Love/Self Care/Self Worth

  • Life Purpose/Clarity

  • Goal Implementation & Achievement

  • Mindset Change 

  • Thriving in Single Parenthood

  • Personal Growth and Development

  • Setting Boundaries and keeping them

  • Organization in your mind and physical space


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everythinG you want in your life is possible !


I am so excited you’re here, and I look forward to you guiding you on your journey to create the life of your dreams.

Things haven’t always been easy for me, but I’m proof that no matter what you’ve gone through, you can have, be and do anything that you want, no matter what!


My belief is that everyone deserves a place where they can reach their absolute full potential in a way that means they are on purpose, being true to themselves and living a beautiful abundant life!  Working with me as your Life Coach/Human Design Specialist will inspire and empower you to live your best life!




I want to help you change your life

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